UTEF 2015: Innovation in Energy



Mike Swift – Systems Planning Engineer at PowerStream Inc.

Michael Swift is a System Planning Engineer at PowerStream, currently involved in short-term and long-term system capacity forecasting, modeling and strategic planning. Prior to his current role, Michael managed the connection of renewable energy and emergency backup projects to the distribution grid. His experience with assessing the impact of residential and commercial photovoltaic projects, as well as large backup generators, has played a critical role in shaping his view of what lies ahead for the industry. Michael joined PowerStream after graduating from the University of Toronto’s Industrial and Systems Engineering Program.

Edward Arlitt – Senior Strategic Analyst at IESO

Edward Arlitt is a Senior Strategic Analyst with the Independent Electricity System Operator’s Markets and Resource Development Division, specializing in smart grid issues. He has fulfilled a number of roles in the organization, working on implementation projects in many areas, including the development of market rules. Additionally, he has participated in a number of external smart grid committees, including serving as Chair of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum Working Group. Edward holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto and a Master’s of Science in Information Systems from the London School of Economics.

Adriaan Davidse – Partner at Deloitte, Specialist in Renewable Energy Projects

Adriaan is a partner in the Toronto office of Deloitte, a global professional services firm. He focuses specifically on areas regarding corporate strategy and performance management. In addition to this, he has special knowledge in energy strategy and management, including renewable energy. He has worked with energy companies and energy-consuming companies across a variety of industries to help them better manage strategic risk and improve energy management. Prior to working as a consultant, he spent several years in academia as a researcher and lecturer. He has a Ph.D in physical organic chemistry and an MBA.

Aaron Barter – Senior Associate at MaRS Advanced Energy Centre

Aaron is a senior associate in projects in the Advanced Energy Centre group at MaRS Discovery district. Aaron manages projects focused on helping small- and medium-sized energy technology companies to achieve success in global markets. He works with Advanced Energy Centre partners and companies within the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs to examine the barriers to deployment of innovative clean energy technologies in emerging markets and catalyze new partnerships here in Canada. Previously, Aaron worked in government and private sector roles managing the development of large Canadian infrastructure projects. Aaron holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto with a specialization in sustainable energy technology.

Lee Bremer – Founder and Managing Director of Quinzee

Lee has over ten years experience evaluating and bringing new technology to market. He began his career in telecommunications then moved to New York City where he worked for a boutique investment bank and then ran a startup company that provided artificial intelligence software to the fashion industry. Following his MBA at INSEAD he worked with the Carbon Trust, a climate change think tank in London, UK, where he researched innovation and energy efficiency. He holds a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University and an MBA from INSEAD.

John Paul Morgan – Chief Technology Officer at Morgan Solar

John Paul Morgan founded Morgan Solar in 2007 to develop next generation solar technologies to make solar energy the world’s most accessible and affordable energy source. After serving as Acting CEO from 2007 to 2010, John Paul now serves as CTO, leading on product design and new product development. John Paul’s previous work experience includes collaborating on the design of a space telescope, and inventing fibre optics solutions for the telecommunications industry. John Paul earned a Masters degree in Applied Science from the University of Toronto, specializing in optics, condensed matter, and medical imaging.

Jennifer Stoneburgh – Senior Associate, Cleantech Venture Services at MaRS Discovery District

Jennifer works with MaRS Cleantech Venture Services, assisting cleantech companies access valuable resources and mentorship.  She has been focused on the cleantech ecosystem since graduating university, specifically helping new technology companies grow. She is active in the entrepreneur ecosystem, writing thought leadership pieces and organizing events with industry leaders. Prior to joining MaRS, Jennifer completed her master of engineering degree at McMaster University.

Jon Kieran – Director of Development at EDF Canada

Jon Kieran oversees business development and transactions for EDF EN Canada, the largest pure-play and diversified renewable energy developer in Canada. Jon has led development, permitting and due diligence work plans related to $1+ billion in wind and solar projects placed in service in Canada during the past seven years. He will draw on this experience – and his particular interest/expertise in solar development – to talk about innovation cycles, the solar value proposition and the commercial trajectory of solar energy.

Robert Stasko – Executive Director at Energy Storage Ontario

Robert (Bob) Stasko is a University of   Toronto alumnus who completed his Master’s degree in Bio-Medical Engineering from the Electrical Engineering Dept. in 1972.  In industry, he is a business development professional with a large body of experience in the electricity sector. He is also an energy technology specialist who has worked in a wide range of management positions involving R&D, product development, market assessment and project execution. He has also worked with the Ontario government to assist in the development and implementation of major energy policy initiatives. Bob has been responsible for managing technology research and demonstration projects in both national and international environments; technologies of interest included nuclear fusion, hydrogen and fuel cells, electrification of transportation, demand management, micro-grids and energy storage.  He has recently focused on the Ontario emerging energy technology arena through his position as Executive Director of Energy Storage Ontario.

Geoff Osborne – Associate at NRStor Inc.

Geoff Osborne has performed several key functions at NRStor since joining the Company shortly after it was founded in 2012. He is primarily focused on identifying business development opportunities, managing project development and construction, strategic planning, evaluating new technologies and business models, coordinating technical proposals, and conducting market research and analysis. Geoff has also worked with public and private sector stakeholders to help advance regulatory policy and enable the increased adoption of energy storage in Ontario. He has been an integral component of the development and execution of NRStor’s first commercial installation, a 2MW/500kWh flywheel energy storage facility in Minto, Ontario. Geoff holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Prior to joining NRStor, Geoff held positions with a major Canadian hospital and private legal practice.

Bill Brown – Chief Vehicle Engineer for Bus Operations at the TTC

Bill Brown is a 1967 graduate of University of Toronto, with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and is currently a Professional Engineer. In 1985, he joined the Toronto Transit Commission and is presently solely responsible for all engineering and technical support activities for the operation of TTC’s City Bus fleet. Bill is a recognized authority on the application of alternate fuel technology in the transportation industry and has made many presentations on this subject throughout Canada and the United States; particularly as it relates to the experiences in Toronto.

Bill will present a combination of facts about the TTC fleet, including a section about their attempt at implementation of innovative technology in the early 1990’s leading into their most recent introduction of diesel-electric hybrid bus technology. Bill will also be providing a commentary on the cost of operating state of art and innovative technology, and the burden that this can pose on an ill-funded transit operation.